Where next?

Well done! You’ve now taken on board all of my tips and tricks and rewritten your CV to get the hirer’s attention.

You’ve stopped applying for every job and started customising your CV and applying for the ones that increase your chances of getting an interview.

Now there’s the next steps – the interview!

This is a whole different skillset to learn and practice so don’t neglect it. There are some great resources out there.

I work a full time job as an Engineering Director in Melbourne but I know it’s hard to find a job and technology so I try to keep some limited time available in my schedule to help people out.

If you are interested in 1-2-1 geared specifically towards excelling in interviews then sign up for one of my interview specific coaching packages.

Over 4 sessions I will take you through the process of preparing and debriefing for a technical interview.

  1. One-hour kick off – where we will go through your CV, I will get to know you and pull out your skill sets and give you advice on what makes you unique
  2. Half-hour mock interview – I will interview you in exactly the same way I interview anybody
  3. Half-hour mock interview debrief – After your interview I will give you the real, honest feedback that you’ve been waiting
  4. Half-hour interview prep – Once you’ve secured that interview we will plan together for how you are going to approach it

Sign up for for this specialised package