Module 6 – Remove their concerns

I am going to notice, really. You can’t hide it!

I like to look at how long people spend in their roles. This helps me find out if you’re someone who tends to move around or commit to a role for a few years. 

Neither of these is bad, it just gives me an insight into who you are.

Part of this process is that it makes it really clear to me if you have any gaps in your CV. 

Don’t try and hide them, talk about them openly.

Not telling me why you have a gap leaves it up to my imagination to guess why. 

My imagination is almost always worse than the reality. With the wonderful expansion of our industry to wider candidates with lots of different life experiences, you do not need to be ashamed of any gaps in your CV.

As I approached my 30th birthday I decided to take half a year out of work to explore the world before I “settled down.” I proudly put this on my CV. 

It also ties into “showing your personality.”

Action points

  • Look at your CV and identify if there are any gaps and explain what those gaps are.
  • If you think they will have questions around your eligibility to work (visa, citizenship, etc) then also explain your situation in your CV to remove any possible objections from giving you an interview.