Module 5 – Show them your enthusiasm for the craft

Go beyond the work. As a hirer, I don’t just want another pair of hands to write code.

We all know that the salary remuneration is important but recruiters also want to hire someone who cares about the job.

I also want someone who cares about both the quality of what they are making and is passionate about self-improvement.

I expect my employees to always be trying to improve themselves, just as I am myself.

If this doesn’t come across quickly in your CV, then you will instantly be lower down in the stack of potential candidates.

If you’ve presented at a meetup or conference then make that front and centre in your CV! It really shows me that you are someone who is not happy with just what they know now. For the more senior positions, it also shows me that you are capable and willing to teach and mentor, which are crucial skills as you progress your career.

Even if you haven’t presented at conferences and meetups, I would still love to see the ones you attended. This gives me a glimpse into the kinds of topics you find interesting. Extra points if you talk about a particular session you attended at a conference that really resonated with you during an interview.

Action points

  • Think about past meetups, conferences, events, hackathons that you have attended, organised, managed or presented at, and put them down on your CV.
  • If you’ve done talks or workshops then put them front and centre in your CV!