Module 3 – Show them your worth

Once you’ve gotten through the hirer’s initial filter, you need to show them your worth.

They will most likely interview the people they think will have the highest impact on the organisation, first.

It’s important to remember that the responsibilities you had in a role were not the impact you made while in it.

Talk more about the impact you made than the responsibilities you had!

This only gets more and more important as you move up into leadership positions.

By the time you have a team, most of your role is focused on what impact you have made outside your own individual contributions.

“Being responsible for a team of 3 developers” is not the same as “leading the team to build out a green-field project within 6 months, which was a new revenue stream for the business”.

We can all show a deeper understanding of ours role and the value we’re adding to our workplace. It allows us to show a higher level of commercial and business awareness by talking about your impact in your workplace.

Action points

  • Go through your current role and previous employment history and look at what you have written down. Ask yourself – is it an impact statement?
  • If it isn’t, let’s change this up to be more focused and insightful for the recruiter. Think about what problems you solved. What was the result of your work? Why was it important? What improvement did you see afterwards?
  • Remove anything that isn’t really that important especially when it comes to roles you’ve had in your earlier career.