Module 2 – Capture their attention

There are dozens, even hundreds, of roles that we could apply for; but that doesn’t mean you should apply for them all!

By applying for less jobs, you can then have the time to customise your resumé to match what the hirer is looking for.

Take a moment to step back and put some time aside to think about if you actually want this job.

  • Could you do well in it? Why?
  • Would you enjoy it? Why?
  • Have you done similar jobs before? Which?

These are the things to highlight in your CV to help the hirer see that you’re a natural fit for the role!

Action points

  • Read the job description and make the experience most relevant to their description the first thing you talk about in each role.
  • Add your most relevant experiences to your “Personal Statement”. You do have one of those, right? See Module 4 if you don’t!