Bonus Module – Skip their queue

Worried about that figure of being one of hundreds? Find a way to not be!

The best way to get to the front of the queue is to skip it. Find a way to get ahead of the competition by finding the right people and reaching out to them directly.

Here’s a dirty little secret – every role I’ve ever gotten hasn’t been through a recruitment website! I’ve reached out to people, found the recruiters, talked to them on the phone.

This turns you from “one of the crowd” to someone who’s more than a name.

Action points

  • Reach out to people directly
    • Find their recruiters on LinkedIn
    • Find the person’s email address/phone number
  • Networking within the community to find opportunities that haven’t been advertised
  • Find upcoming job opportunities by speaking to people
  • Then, get a referral to the hirer within the company